Strap options
Since all the straps/belts/wallets and all the other leather and canvas products I make are CUSTOM MADE but first and foremost - 

HAND MADE. This means you get to choose what you want. Even if you have your own idea or need for a special product, I can make it happen. Make sure to see this SIZING GUIDE (if not specified, all straps are by default made 130 x 80 mm and if not otherwise specified, with a basic buckle).


So sky is the limit. Just feel free and contact me :)  

Ordering and shipping options

All shipments are by default sent PRIORITY TRACKED AND SIGNED FOR by German Post (Airmail) and the cost for a regular package for up to 500 grams is on me - FREE SHIPPING. Anything above and there is a surcharge of 10€. All packages are shipped in the padded envelopes with custom printed address tags with the address you provide upon order so make sure to let me know your address in the e.mail you are sending me. Delays occur mostly because there was no valid shipping address in the e.mail correspondence. Turnaround time for straps is anywhere between 2 weeks to 8 weeks and sometimes even a bit more and it is based on the leather, waiting list, custom job etc. Please note, this is a completely handcrafted product, everything is strictly hand made, hand stitched and without help of any presses, industrial knives and stamping. Only that way I can guarantee a complete customer´s satisfaction. Delivery time upon shipping varies between 3 days to 2+ weeks depending only on the destination country´s customs service. All shipments leave Germany in 1-2 working days. After that time, it is all up to your customs and postal service. After I send the package, I will provide the shipping number and the package can be tracked here (almost all the shipments can be tracked via this page if your postal office offers tracking option for your country). Faster option can be arranged at a surcharge (but in my opinion, not needed and the shipping via this option often matches and exceeds the order fee itself) via DHL, UPS and FedEx. If you want to be sure, the package can also be insured up to the preferred amount (surcharge).  Delivery is promised upon payment; if you by any reason decide to cancel the order, due to the bad experience with few not-so-serious customers in the past, I offer no refunds  - your payment will be credited toward new future order. I offer limited warranty / guarantee on my work and if you are the original buyer of the strap, if a failure occurs, all you have to do is ship the strap back to me and you will get a new one (shipping charges are on the customer). 
Customer satisfaction is the first and foremost goal in my work and I will do my best for the customer to have the best experience with me.

That is what my brand stands for.  


1 strap   - regular price (strap, wallet, belt) 

2 straps - 12% discount + extra gift

3 straps - 15% discount + extra gift

4 straps - 18% discount + extra gift

5 straps -  5th strap for free + extra 2x gift.

6 and more straps - please contact me for details.  


* Discounts include LEATHER or CANVAS only, buckle price and shipping price are excluded from the discount mode. Shipping and buckle prices always remain the same because they are not under my conditions and are not made by me. All the straps must be ordered and paid for at the same time and discounts cannot be used for the orders already paid before -- these cannot be combined with the new orders. Items on the sale can be combined only with other items on sale in order to receive the discount, otherwise the discounted price remains as-is. Discounts are as they are at the maximum amount specified and can be changed by me at any time for no reason specified.